Digital transformation (also known as the fourth industrial revolution or Industry 4.0) describes the profound change that artificial intelligence, increased digitalisation, robotics, advances in data exchange and other new technologies will bring across the economy. The growth of technology since 1990 has been rapid and accelerating. It has increasingly become an essential part of the everyday work and personal lives of people in nearly every part of the world. The work profile of nearly every job has been affected, with some jobs being fully automated, others partly and considerably altered in their performance.

Given the importance of digital transformation across all industries, there will be a theme across the Industry Skills Forums of ‘future skilling our people’. This will include the use of the hashtag #futureskilling to promote debate, discussion, and ideas.

“Future skilling” our people will be critical for industry and educators as the global environment evolves and emerging technologies impact job requirements. While new opportunities are driving the economy, there are challenges to ensure business can access a sustainable, flexible and high-quality workforce with the relevant skills.

The Skills Forums seek to do this by bringing our industry leaders together in a series of panel discussions that will look at:

“Future Skilling our people in an age of digital transformation”


“Industry Leadership – new thinking about jobs and careers”